All Aboard the Intern Hunt

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally able to announce that we’re on the lookout for 3, count ’em 3, interns to join and help take The Retro Store to exciting new levels!

As our base of subscribers grows week on week, we’re hiring interns to experiment and test the waters with growing and scaling the company, in 3 ways we think will allow us dramatically greater resources to improve shipping times, increase customer service satisfaction, as well as to continue growing our base of customers.

With that in mind, here are the three roles we are currently hiring for.

Marketing Intern

We’re wanting to take our marketing to the next level. At present, we currently Tweet or post to Facebook whenever there’s an update to our products or shipping. We want that to change, by dramatically increasing our relationship with our tribe of customers, as well as with the bigger Retro community.

Our marketing intern, will help to experiment to take charge with promotional ideas, marketing plans, and will be measured using a number of different metrics, from the likes and shares of posts, to the increase of overall customers.

This role is paid, and the greater the sales, the more generous we can be with our bonus scheme, so if you think you can help take our marketing to the next level, apply within!

Buyer Intern

As our customer base grows, we want to smooth out our logistical issues with a Buyer. The role of the Buyer is to hunt through every sales channel available, to find the very best in gaming, comics, cassettes and vinyl, at the best price. With this, our logistical speeds will increase dramatically, and our customer service complaints will therefore drop as satisfaction increases!

Again, this role is paid, and the better the prices you are able to secure for the site, the more generous bonus we are able to offer you.

Customer Service Intern

With current logistical issues, we are on a shoestring when it comes to support and process regarding dealing with customer service issues. Our customer service intern, will help to shape processes, bring innovative ideas, and test these by working directly with customers themselves who are having issues, or are looking to cancel, by implementing a rugged retention scheme.

The Fine Print

  • All roles are paid for
  • All roles will be evaluated during a 6 week period to determine future capability as an intern
  • All roles are a virtual, work from home job