Born in Glasgow

The Story of The Retro Store

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The Retro Store is an online store, based around the concept of stocking products which hearken back to an older era. Our main products are hand picked subscription boxes, curated and packed in Glasgow, Scotland.

Meet The Team

Before we tell you the full origins story (it’s not like a Superhero movie, sadly.) it’s best you know who we are. Put a face to a name.

Who are we? –  The Retro Store


Box Packer (Owner)

Loves tea, soup, and ELO. I am the owner of this plucky site, so I do a lot around here. Thanks so much for making it here. I pack boxes, design the site, plan for the future of this awesome little company and help you with any of your questions.

Who are we? –  The Retro Store


Techie (Software)

A vintage car enthusiast, Lio recently joined The Retro Crew after being freed from the shackles of¬†university, and is putting his skills to use in a workplace of broken PS1’s and flakey Wi-Fi connections. He keeps the site in top shape, and looking fresh!

It’s All About The History

The history of a business can often come from wild and crazy places, and The Retro Store is no different. I started “The Retro” as a UCAS project with one of my best mates at school, Aaron. We wrote about hot new albums like “Help” by The Beatles, and played exciting new games like Tekken.

Once we had gotten our offers at university, and realised that everyone under the sun has written about 50 year old albums and 20 year old games, we decided that The Retro Store had to evolve. Yes like a Pokemon.

What you see today is a product of that evolution. We’re now a fully fledged online operation. A team of 3, and have an office (it’s small, but it’s something) in the heart of our home, Glasgow!

How We Operate

We operate as a small lean business in the heart of Glasgow. We all pull together as a team, as we try to polish our business, and improve on any shortcomings. We wouldn’t be able to do any of it¬†without you, our awesome customers. So for that, thanks!

We also like to give back, and we’ve created a series of pages of what we’re doing, and why it rocks. For example, our Refer a Friend program is one of the best going. For every friend you bring to The Retro Store, we’ll give you¬†¬£10!

Need details on our shipping processes? Click here. Any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you! Just visit our Contact page.

Here’s to the Future

It’s been a crazy few years, but we hope there’s lots more to come. We’re actively working to create new innovative ideas. Some of our favourites for 2018 include¬†Office Starter Kits for chill out areas,¬†Game & Vinyl¬†tracking to ensure you don’t get any duplicates. Finally, we’re hoping to launch a Retro Swap Shop this year, to swap the games and records you’ve played, and are looking for something new!

All we can say is a massive thank you to anyone who has purchased, praised, criticised, and even just checked out the site. We hope to be around to make you smile for many years to come.

– The Retro Crew