About Us

We’re a deliberately small subscription box service, with one task. To send you out an ace, personalised box each and every month. We’ve been doing it now for over two years. Who knows where we’ll be in five.


A very early incarnation of The Retro website- cringe!

It’s all about the history

So how did we start? As something to stick on a university personal statement of all things. Peter (our founder) was applying to study computer science. He needed something to help him stand out from the crowd, and thus The Retro Blog was born.

Originally as a co-founder, Peter and Aaron wrote about anything they could put their mind to. Whether it was gigs, old school video games, or classic albums like “Help” by The Beatles.

Once we had gotten our offers for university and realised that everyone under the sun has written about 50 year old albums, we decided that The Retro had to change.

What you see today is a product of that change. Our root beliefs are the same however. Start small, build on what you have- and do your best to delight anyone who visits.

The Retro today

Today, The Retro is a growing subscription box service. We have four key products, and are constantly improving different elements of the business. We’re still growing, making mistakes and learning. It’s all part of being a small business.

We want customers to sign up in confidence, knowing they will be served with a delightful delivery each month, every month.