More Than Just a Subscription

Looking for more than 3 items in your box? Subscribers to The Retro Store get exclusive access to our amazing Add-Ons program.

What are Add-Ons?

Add-Ons are one-off purchases, which you can add to your monthly boxes from The Retro Store. These are at an exclusive discounted rate and can save up to 50% on RRP costs. The add-ons are hand-picked in the same way as our core range of boxes. Simply be a subscriber to one of our boxes, or have a box in your cart, to add these to your delivery.

Our range of Add-Ons is constantly changing as we try out new products, ideas and find the best offers we can for our existing subscribers. Check here every month for new products to add to your box, or re-order your favorites! ✨

Remember, with every subscription (and renewal) you will earn Retro Rewards which you can spend on these amazing Add-Ons, to reduce the price even further!

More Coming Soon!

Check back every 2 weeks for exciting new Add-Ons you can add to your delivery! 🎁