Questions, queries and tidbits to help you out! If you’re still unsure about your question, then drop us a line.

I don’t live in the UK. Am I going to get hit with some kind of crazy import tax?

Probably. Double check before ordering, but here’s what we know:

Australia 🇦🇺: Nothing to pay for import goods valued at up to AUD1,000 (~USD850).

European Union 🇪🇺: Free trade(for now), hooray!

Canada 🇨🇦: $9.95 CAD handling fee for USPS shipments + 5% import tax based on package value in CAD.

New Zealand 🇳🇿: If the amount to be paid to Customs is under $60, this will be waived, but if it’s $60 or more, you’ll have to pay duty and GST plus an import entry transaction fee and MPI levy. This means that for monthly boxes, no import duties will be needed.

Norway 🇳🇴: Value up to NOK 200, and gifts between private individuals with a value of up to NOK 1000. Goods with a value below NOK 350 (including freight and insurance) and for personal gifts up to NOK 1000 are duty-free

Turkey 🇹🇷: There is a limit of €75 per shipment for customs. If the value of shipment exceeds that, you pay +20% of the total sum.

United States 🇺🇸: Please check your states import duty and tax calculations.


How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping across the UK for all of our boxes. That means that part of your monthly cost accounts for packing, materials, and getting your parcel sent out through Royal Mail. This cost typically comes to around £3.

For shipping in Europe and beyond, we absorb £3 of the shipping rate, and you guys pay the rest. This keeps the full process transparent, and we ship all of our parcels through Royal Mail International Standard, which aims to deliver your parcels within 5-7 working days!

This means you can expect the following shipping costs at checkout:

EU & Europe 🇪🇺 £5.75

USA 🇺🇸 £11.20

Canada 🇨🇦 £11.20

Australia & New Zealand 🇦🇺 £11.20

When do boxes ship?/Where is my box?

At the moment, we’re working with our team to battle through backlogs after absolutely crazy demand we did not anticipate. Not having an official supply chain since our goods are second hand didn’t help either. For details on backlogs, click here.

When our deliveries are on-time and we’re working to capacity, we ship the following products during the time periods below. ⏰

Comics: 1st – 3rd of each month.

Cassettes: 4th – 7th of each month.

Vinyl: 8th – 22nd of each month.

Gaming: 23rd – 31st of each month.

If you think that something has gone wrong with your order or it hasn’t arrived after our backlog timeframes, then get in touch here.

What quality of items can I expect in my box?

Dealing with second-hand goods is always a fun problem to have. You can literally see when an item has been well loved and has been taken good care of.

When we buy stock, we look for the following condition:

Comics: All comics pre 80’s should be in VG condition, no rips or tears, with the full comic intact. Post 80’s comics should be in excellent condition, and typically bagged and backed for longevity purposes.

Cassettes: All cassettes are fully boxed and play with absolutely no issues. Where we can, we will replace cracked cases, or supply more than 3 cassettes if the quality of casing or inserts is not VG.

Vinyl: All records have sleeves (either original or replaced), with album covers/gatefolds not broken. We will re-glue any broken record jackets prior to dispatch. All LP’s will be in VG quality or higher. Records may require a light dusting before playing. In some cases, good quality LP’s will be provided if the value of the record is higher than our typical LP.

Gaming: All disk based consoles should come with box. If a box has inserts, then this is great, but this is not criteria on how we pick our stock. Where we can, we will replace cracked boxes, or supply more than 3 games if the quality of casing is not VG. For all cartridge-based consoles, we do not specify whether games should be boxed or not. In many cases, consoles such as MegaDrive and GameBoy do come boxed, but in other cases, like NES, SNES and N64, boxes are rare! For cartridge-based consoles, we look for clean labels and test the games before shipping.

If you think that something has gone wrong with your order, then get in touch here.


What happens if I get an item I already own?

Dealing with duplicates can be really annoying for many of our members, and when it happens, it can be hard for us to independently verify each case that someone has a duplicate, and time-consuming getting it fully swapped.

In the past, we have tested systems for letting us know which games, records customers have, but it became apparent very quickly, that customers immediately said they owned every record in a particular genre, just to avoid the potential of an industry “cheaper” item.

This is why we’re launching four Swap Shop Facebook groups available for your vinyl, cassettes, games and comics.

I’m a student in the UK, which means money’s stretched. Can you help me out?

Of course! When this business started we were students, so one of the first things we looked into was a Student Discount, and thanks to Student Beans, we’re able to offer a cool 20% off all of our monthly boxes.

No time limit, no minimum period, just save 20% off every renewal and make that delivery all the more exciting.

Remember to tell your mates too! The more popular our student discount is, the better rates we’re able to offer!

How do Retro Rewards work, and when can I use them?

Retro Rewards is our very own loyalty program. Think of it as your frequent flier miles. When you sign up for The Retro Store, you join our Retro Rewards program. How does it work? For every purchase (and renewal of a subscription), you’ll earn 1 point for every £1 you spend.

You can see how many points you will earn on every product page, just look for the green text as shown below 👇🏻


When it comes to checking and spending your points, the easiest way is to add an item to your cart. When you jump into the cart, you’ll see a message at the top with your point count.


That’s all there is to it! It’s super easy and great for gifting. If you would like to use your points against an existing subscription, then get in touch and we can sort that out for you!


When do Add-Ons get delivered?

Add-Ons are monthly one-off extras you can have added to your order. Currently, we offer boxes of retro sweets, bonus LP’s and games. Add-Ons are only available for existing members of the club and are up to 50% cheaper than buying a monthly subscription box.

How? When a customer buys a box from us, part of that cost is divided up for our expert’s choosing, packing and shipping costs. When a customer buys an add-on, the items are picked and packed at the exact same time and don’t affect shipping costs. This means we’re able to offer additional items at a much cheaper rate.


How does Refer a Friend work?

Refer a Friend is our way of helping you. We’ve all been there, you’ve discovered a product or service you know a mate will love, but they just aren’t getting it. Our Refer a Friend lets you hook them up with £6 off of their first box, something they can’t get by signing up themselves. So you’re doing them a favour, as well as getting someone to share your box with!

When you sign a friend up, you also help us. We’re a small company and don’t have a huge marketing budget, so when you go out of your own way to help out a friend, we want to thank you. So not only will you be in your mate’s good books, but you’ll also be £10 up because, for every friend you sign up, we’ll give you £10 cash!