Our Frequently Asked Q’s

Unsure about how things work here at The Retro? This is your spot where we try to explain it all. If we’ve missed a question or you’re still unsure, please get in touch with our team!


Can I get an account to view my gift?

Of course! We get if that when you are gifted a subscription, they don’t want to give you their credentials. Pop Us An Email and we can have an account created and switched over for you by someone in our team.

Can I send a box directly as a gift?

You can! When you reach our checkout page, look out for the “Gifting? Ship to another address here!” checkbox as seen below. We’ll send all boxes to this address unless instructed otherwise- easy!

Do Gift Cards Expire?

When you buy a gift-card from us, they can be used within the next 365 days. If a gift-card has balance leftover from this period, we may honour it but cannot guarantee this.

To reach out to the team regarding your balance and expiry date, Click Here.

If you are looking to purchase a gift card, you can do so Here.

How do I add tastes and preferences to my gift subscription?

To add or adjust any preferences with your gift boxes, visit: Https://Theretro.Co.Uk/Change-Your-Tastes/

After you have filled out this form, someone from our team will be in touch 🙂 

How do I change the address of a subscription to my own?

To change the address for gift boxes being delivered, fill out this Form Here. 

Someone will be in touch to confirm the change 🙂


I was gifted a Retro Subscription, What’s Next?

Amazing! Now that you have been gifted a subscription- to get you setup, we need you to fill out a quick form with your details. This will let us set up an account in your name, change the address and add your own preferences- to create your very own personalised subscription.

Form Link: Https://Theretro.Co.Uk/Surveygift/

After you have filled out this form, someone from our team will be in touch to confirm details 🙂 


Manage Your Subscription

Can you pause your subscription?

Subscriptions as of October 2019 can be paused at any time for a maximum of 30 days. This means if you’re away on holiday or cash is tight, you can hold off on a payment/shipment. You can only pause rolling subscriptions (billed every month), and you can pause a subscription as many times as you like. You can pause your subscription on the My Account page by pressing view on a subscription as seen below.

Can you renew a cancelled subscription?

Of course! You can renew a subscription, and this allows us to keep in track with your previous boxes and deliveries, as well as saves you time- no need to send us your address or preferences again. This can be done again simply from the My Account page as shown below.

Please note that if your subscription contains any add-ons, these will not be added upon renewal. If you would like these to be re-added, please contact our support team before renewing.

Can you update your payment/address details?

Payment and address details can be updated at any time during your subscription. For customers who pay for their subscription via PayPal, please speak to them directly for changing your details.

For customers who pay for their subscription via Stripe (card details given at checkout) then you can update your payment preferences and default card Here.


For those looking to change their address for either billing or shipping, that Can Be Done Here. As a small courtesy, please Contact Our Support Team Here, to confirm this change has taken place. We have had a small number of customers whose details were not updated across all systems and want to make sure your boxes get to the right place!

How and when can you cancel your subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. We offer absolutely zero commitment to our rolling subscriptions, so if you need to cancel for whatever reason, you are more than entitled to.

If you haven’t set up your account, Contact Our Support Team to cancel. Otherwise, you can cancel directly from the My Account page as seen below.

How do you adjust your preferences?

You can adjust your preferences at any time during the month. However, please give us at least 72 hours to update your preferences. We need time to plan and source stock appropriately.

To change your preferences, either select the tab on your My Account page or Submit The Form Here.

I didn’t set a password when I signed up, do I have an account?

When you sign up to The Retro Store, we automatically generate an account for you. Our system generates a username which is typically your email, and a randomly generated password. We send an email shortly after signing up with instructions on how to reset this password, allowing you to log in.

If you didn’t receive this email, or can’t find it- you can Reset Your Password And Log Into Your Account Here.


How does Refer a Friend work?

Refer a Friend is our way of helping you. We’ve all been there, you’ve discovered a product or service you know a mate will love, but they just aren’t getting it. Our Refer a Friend lets you hook them up with £6 off of their first box, something they can’t get by signing up themselves. So you’re doing them a favour, as well as getting someone to share your box with!

When you sign a friend up, you also help us. We’re a small company and don’t have a huge marketing budget, so when you go out of your own way to help out a friend, we want to thank you. So not only will you be in your mate’s good books, but you’ll also be £10 up because, for every friend you sign up, we’ll give you £10 cash! 

I’m a student in the UK, which means money’s stretched. Can you help me out?

Of course! When this business started we were students, so one of the first things we looked into was a Student Discount. From this, we’re able to offer a cool 20% off all of our monthly boxes.

No time limit, no minimum period, just save 20% off every renewal and make that delivery all the more exciting.

Remember to tell your mates too! The more popular our student discount is, the better rates we’re able to offer!

When do Add-Ons get delivered?

Add-Ons are monthly one-off extras you can have added to your order. Currently, we offer boxes of retro sweets, bonus LP’s and games. Add-Ons are only available for existing members of the club and are up to 50% cheaper than buying a monthly subscription box.

How? When a customer buys a box from us, part of that cost is divided up for our expert’s choosing, packing and shipping costs. When a customer buys an add-on, the items are picked and packed at the exact same time and don’t affect shipping costs. This means we’re able to offer additional items at a much cheaper rate. So in short, they arrive at the exact same time as your box.


Can I track my order once it’s shipped?

The following shipping methods are used for each subscription. Any tracking details are sent with the order dispatch email:


  • UK Customers: Shipped via 2nd Class Large Letter. Delivers within 3-5 days. No tracking available.
  • International Customers: Shipped via International Standard. Delivers within 2 weeks. No tracking available.


  • UK Customers: Shipped via 2nd Class Large Letter. Delivers within 3-5 days. No tracking available.
  • International Customers: Shipped via International Standard. Delivers within 2 weeks. No tracking available.


  • UK Customers: Shipped via Royal Mail 48. Delivers within 3-5 days. Partially tracked with code sent via email.
  • International Customers: Shipped via International Standard. Delivers within 2 weeks. No tracking available.


  • UK Customers: Shipped via Royal Mail 48. Delivers within 3-5 days. Partially tracked with code sent via email.
  • International Customers: Shipped via International Standard. Delivers within 2 weeks. No tracking available.
How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping across the UK for all of our boxes. That means that part of your monthly cost accounts for packing, materials, and getting your parcel sent out through Royal Mail or Hermes. This cost typically comes to around £3.

For shipping in Europe and beyond, we absorb £3 of the shipping rate, and you pay the rest. This keeps the full process transparent and don’t overcharge our international customers. We ship all of our parcels through Royal Mail International Standard, which delivers your order in around 5-7 days.

This means you can expect the following shipping costs at checkout, but will change according to the rates we pay.

EU & Europe: £5.75

USA: £10

Canada: £10

Australia & New Zealand: £11.20

I don’t live in the UK. Am I going to get hit with extra charges?

Potentially. We send orders out all the time and customers aren’t always charged. These figures are from our research but you should check for your own circumstances.

European Union: Nothing to pay for import goods from UK as of May 2020.

Australia: VAT at 10% may be due at customs. This may cost around 7AUD.

Canada: VAT at 13% may be due at customs. This may cost around 8.46CAD but varies by state.

New Zealand: VAT at 15% may be due at customs. This may cost around 11NZD but may be waived as the total is less than 60NZD.

Norway: VAT at 25% may be due at customs. This may cost around 112.76 NOK.

Turkey: Duty at 14% may be due at customs around 40TRY. VAT at 18% may also be due at customs around 50TRY.

United States: Please check your states import duty and tax calculations.

I was billed twice before a box got here, why?

This can happen for a few reasons, and can be quite frustrating. To preface this answer, much of the reasons this happen are due to the payment companies we use. They restrict us from changing dates of payments, so if you sign up on the 1st, you will be billed every 1st no matter what. We’re working on changing this for 2020.

Reason 1: Signed up after the cut-off

We ship our boxes monthly, but as with many subscription boxes, we have a cut-off for new subscriptions. This means for example, if you sign up on the 22nd- you’ll miss our cut off for vinyl boxes. This means you will be re-billed on the 22nd of the next month before your first box ships.

How do we resolve this? You can either receive a double delivery to start your subscription, or we’ll just bill you one month ahead of the boxes due to be received. Just let us know what you prefer!


Reason 2: You asked for a future start date

We’re one of the only subscription boxes to offer a “delay” to the first subscription. This is because we had lot’s of customers buying Christmas presents in October and November, and we had no way to understand who wanted their box when.

However, the downside of this is if you ask for a subscription to start in May, and it’s March- you will be billed more than once before your May delivery. Again this is due to the restrictions of when we’re allowed to bill.

We resolve this by either sending a large delivery to start your subscription, or we’ll just bill you ahead of the boxes due to be received. Just let us know what you prefer.


Note that all payments are taken automatically. Some customers who aren’t aware of these restrictions can be suspicious that we’re taking money but not sending boxes. This isn’t the case. We ship subscriptions once a month and all billing happens automatically without us touching a button.

When Will My Box Ship?

As a small business operating during COVID lockdowns and new Brexit legislation; delays are inevitable.
Whilst we try to ship orders of any type ASAP, these will fall into the batches of dates mentioned in our schedule below. This means that for example (and stock permitting), we will ship a vinyl box alongside our comics on the 5th, meaning you get your first delivery as fast as we can. On a monthly basis, our typical schedule is outlined here 👇🏻

Comics: Ship on the 5th of the Month

Cassettes: Ship on the 5th of the Month

Vinyl: Ship on the 19th of the Month

Gaming: Ship on the 26th of the Month

Your Subscription

How does adding to your box work?

Our monthly boxes contain a set amount of items. For comics, we provide 5 issues per month. For cassettes, vinyl and games, we provide 3 items per month. For the majority of people, 3-5 items is enough in a monthly period. For those looking for more, or those looking to build their collection faster; we’ve added the ability to add extra items.

You can add up to an additional 9 records, cassettes and games each month, and up to 15 comics. The costs get cheaper as they increase as we pass on the savings in shipping and materials.


I Asked for My First Box to Arrive Later

If you signed up and asked for your first box to be shipped a month or two later, great! This can be done when signing up when asked for the “Start Date.”

At present, we still bill you at present and payment recurs monthly, your payments will always be “ahead” of when your boxes arrive. So if you asked for the first box to arrive in 3 months, you’ll have paid up 3 months before your box arrives.

This is to ensure we have adequate stock ready for your box to arrive. If you decide to order closer to the shipping date, you may find your start date will be sold out due to high demand.

If you decide to cancel with boxes still unshipped, we are happy to refund the cost of the unshipped parcels.

What Are the £5 Premiums Available on Boxes?

Recently we have implemented £5 premium categories for some of our monthly boxes. With previous boxes, customers may ask for a specific set of genres or tastes which were out-with our budget. Things like heavy metal records or N64 games just aren’t as widely available at the same price, which caused a delay in finding us sourcing appropriate stock. In the worst cases, we had to end up cancelling orders.

With £5, it allows us to dedicate that £5 purely to stock costs, and to guarantee we can buy stock which will be of higher quality than before, and will also arrive on time. This means that if you order a vinyl box with a £5 add-on, you’ll receive at least 1 LP of that genre.

Add-on’s are stackable which means that you can add as many £5 add-on’s to your box as possible. Where possible we will limit your box to those consoles or genres specifically, guaranteeing high-quality boxes!

Note: If £5 add-ons are unavailable for your box, you will be sent 4 items of non-premium stock as substitute.

What Genres Can I Expect To Receive?

With our vinyl, cassette and gaming boxes, we offer a magnitude of genres to choose from. However, with high-level titles like “Rock” and “Pop” it can be difficult to know exactly what you will get. Part of that is in-tune with the discovery aspect of our boxes! You might like punk, you might like surf-rock. You won’t know until you’ve given each a fair shot which is why we keep our genres high level.

However, for the sake of clarity, we’ve broken down the genres we will typically be on the lookout for under each genre we do carry for music and games. Titles in bold are the titles we have on-site available for selection.

Vinyl and Cassettes


  • 70s General
  • 80s General
  • 90s General
  • Prog
  • Metal/Hard Rock
  • Grunge
  • Acid
  • Punk
  • Glam
  • Rockabilly
  • Surf
  • Psychedelic
  • Indie/Alternative
  • Roots/Southern
  • Ska


  • Disco Music
  • Funk Music
  • Mo-Town
  • Neo-Soul


  • Americana
  • Bluegrass
  • Honkytonk


  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Acoustic Pop


  • Acid Jazz
  • Avant-Gard
  • Big Band
  • Fusion
  • Smooth
  • Ragtime


  • Acoustic Blues
  • Classic Blues
  • Contemporary Blues
  • Country Blues
  • Electric Blues

Pop = Popular

  • 60s Charts
  • 70s Charts
  • 80s Charts


  • 60s Other/All
  • 70s Other
  • 80s Other
  • 90s Other
  • Reggae
  • World
  • Soundtracks/Movies
  • Swing
  • Classic


  • 8bit – aka 8-bit, Bitpop and Chiptune
  • EDM
  • Ambient
  • Garage
  • New Wave
  • Synthpop
  • Electronica
  • Trance/Dance

Hip Hop/Rap

  • Grime
  • Trip Hop


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Racing
  • Puzzle
  • RPG
  • Horror
  • Strategy
  • Simulation
  • Children’s
  • Sports
  • Turn Based
What happens if I get an item I already own?

Dealing with duplicates can be really annoying for many of our members, and when it happens, it can be hard for us to independently verify each case that someone has a duplicate, and time-consuming getting it fully swapped, as well as covering costs of exchange.

To avoid this- we run four private Facebook Groups. Each one works as a hub for your subscription community, as well as a mini “Swap Shop” for those who are looking to shop their duplicates for another item.

Links are below:

What quality of items can I expect in my box?

Dealing with second-hand goods is always a fun problem to have. You can literally see when an item has been well loved and has been taken good care of.

When we buy stock, we look for the following condition:

Comics: All comics pre 80’s should be in VG condition, no rips or tears, with the full comic intact. Post 80’s comics should be in excellent condition, and typically bagged and backed for longevity purposes.

Cassettes: All cassettes are fully boxed and play with absolutely no issues. Where we can, we will replace cracked cases, or supply more than 3 cassettes if the quality of casing or inserts is not VG.

Vinyl: All records have sleeves (either original or replaced), with album covers/gatefolds not broken. We will re-glue any broken record jackets prior to dispatch. All LP’s will be in VG quality or higher. Records may require a light dusting before playing. In some cases, good quality LP’s will be provided if the value of the record is higher than our typical LP.

Gaming: All disk based consoles should come with box. If a box has inserts, then this is great, but this is not criteria on how we pick our stock. Where we can, we will replace cracked boxes, or supply more than 3 games if the quality of casing is not VG. For all cartridge-based consoles, we do not specify whether games should be boxed or not. In many cases, consoles such as MegaDrive and GameBoy do come boxed, but in other cases, like NES, SNES and N64, boxes are rare! For cartridge-based consoles, we look for clean labels and test the games before shipping.

Any sign up questions?

Speak to our team through Messenger

We’re around most of the day (UK time) to answer any questions you might have. We’re happy to help set up your account and make sure everything is set up correctly!