Fathers Day is Coming!

It’s that time of the year, where you thank Dad for all that he does for you. But the question is, what do you get the guy who has everything? A blast from the past. That’s right, take your dad back to the “Good old days.

Get your Dad something different this year. Does your dad love beer and everything retro? We’ve got just the thing for him. 2 classic vinyl records, 2 Marvel or DC Comic Books, an iconic retro game and 2 bottles of premium beer, Fathers Day sorted. We’ll even throw in a card so you don’t need to worry about that either!

What In The Box

We know buying gifts can be tough, especially when you’re trying to get something different. Check out whats in here before you buy 👇🏻

Fathers Day Card from Gie it Laldy

We’ve teamed up with our pals at Gie it Laldy, who make a ton of hilarious and witty cards, mugs and other gifts, to give you a great card which will go down a treat on Fathers Day. Everyone’s Dad loves a laugh, and being called a legend is both true and apt for a day like this. Don’t worry about the card, we’ve got it all in our box.

2 Classic 45’s

Take it back to simpler times where going to the record store to pick up an LP or a few singles was the highlight of your Dad’s week. Each of these gift boxes will come with 2 7″ single records. Whether your Dad has a record player or not, these will be sure to transport him back to the past, and who knows, might start a new hobby?

A Pair of Exotic Beers

There’s nothing quite as fun as gifting alcohol. You’re literally gifting a good time, and if you’re like us, gifting something which will taste fantastic. We’ve partnered with some breweries around the globe as part of our World Cup gift box, and we’re able to extend these connections, by offering a pair of amazing beers in each box. So whether it’s to share or just for your Dad, make sure he’s chuffed with some exotic drinks. 🍻

A Throwback Game

Did your Dad grow up playing the PS1 more than you, and it was yours? We’ve all been there. Dig out the old consoles, because each box will come with 1 retro classic game to play. From F1 98, all the way back to the first Zelda game, we’ve got them all and will make sure to treat your old man with something which will take him back to the days of a joystick. 🕹

A Couple of Comics

In the world of Marvel movies, comic books are the life and soul of the great stories we see in the cinemas every few months. Your Dad more than likely grew up in an age of horrible Hulk movies, and unbearable Batman costumes. The comics are where things were at back in the day, so treat your Dad to two classic Marvel or DC stories to dig into with his morning cuppa (or his evening beers!)

So how much will it cost?

Your Fathers Day Gift Box comes with a ton of stuff, and we include free shipping in the cost, as well as the card from Gie it Laldy, but we know cash can be tight, which is why we’re offering this box at just £24.99, and we’re even offering 20% off for all students, meaning you can get it below £20!

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