Our Guide to Gifts

(the only guide you need)

Looking for the perfect gift from The Retro Store? We’ve hand picked some of our most popular presents, as well as a few of our own favourites.

Gift Cards

Unsure of what to treat someone to? Scared you’ll get them something they already own? Avoid the hassle and stress. They’ll be chuffed with a gift card for The Retro Store, where they can go crazy on all of our hand picked monthly boxes!


Gift Packs

Treat someone special to comics delivered to their door. Whether they love Marvel or DC movies, or the comics themselves, these packs are perfect, and with this handpicked package, you can get up to 6 comics free too!


Gift Packs

The gift of games is like no other. Choose from as many or as little consoles they own, from Gamecube to Dreamcast. These packs are hand-picked to the recipients’ tastes, and you can save up to £44 to top things off!


Gift Packs

With Guardians of the Galaxy fuelling the Walkman revival, these tape gift packs will be the perfect way to becoming your very own Starlord. Or for collecting tapes if you just enjoy tapes!


Gift Packs

The greatest audio format has always been up for debate, but records are always in the mix. These vinyl gift packs are hand-picked for the recipient, sound fantastic, and you can even save £36 with 6 extra records!

Record Player Starter Packs

Considering vinyl? With sales at a record high, you’re not alone! With all of the brands and services out there, the world of records can seem difficult to get into. We’re getting rid of that altogether, giving you an amazing set of stylish record players, a care kit, and a constant supply of records you’ll love in one package.

The Ultimate Cassette Starter Pack

Considering cassettes? With indie bands and big bands loving the sound of tape, it can be difficult to source quality products for your sought after setup. Here at The Retro Store, we’ve hand picked tape players, care kits and cassette tapes into one handy starter pack.