Record Collection Starter Pack

Considering vinyl? With sales at a record high, you’re not alone! With all of the brands and services out there, the world of records can seem difficult to get into. With The Retro Store, we’re getting rid of that altogether, giving you an amazing set of stylish record players, a care kit, and a constant supply of records you’ll love in one package.


“The Retro Store also offer Record Collection Starter Packs for newcomers to vinyl, giving you a choice of Crosley Turntables, a record-care kit, “Now Playing” stand, and three albums”

Record Collection Starter Pack

Whats In Your Starter Pack

Record Collection Starter Pack
Record Collection Starter Pack
Record Collection Starter Pack
Record Collection Starter Pack

Your Choice of Turntable

Pick from a choice of 6 hand picked turntables. Each record player represents a different type of listener. Want separate features? Try the Bermuda. Want an FM radio? How about the Switch.

A Turntable & Record Care Kit

A turntable care kit keeps your setup in mint condition with minimal fuss. Brush your records, clean your stylus and record cleaner with ease. This product is exclusive to the Starter Pack.

A “Now Playing” Stand 

Show off that album art in style. When you’re not peering through the lyrics sheet or the gatefold, show off your LP as it plays in all of its glory.

3 Hand Picked LP’s

With your first month on us! Start your journey into vinyl with our monthly box, which comes with 3 hand picked records according to your own tastes!

Step 1.

Pick Your Turntable

Record Collection Starter Pack

Step 2.

What are your tastes?

Don’t forget to let us know what your musical preferences are on the turntable page. From Bach to Bruce Springsteen, we want your boxes to feel like they were picked by you!


Step 3.

It’s Starter Pack Time.

You’ve done it! It’s time to wait for your starter pack to arrive. Please be aware, your records might arrive slightly later than the rest of your package depending on our stock levels.

Whilst you wait, check out our Retro Rewards loyalty scheme, our Gifts page for becoming that mate who gives great presents, and our social media handles. We’ll even chuck you an extra record in your second box if you tag us on Instagram with your pack!


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