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So How Does This Work?

We know how many of you love your The Retro boxes, and sharing has been a huge part of our growth. So we hope with this new program in place, you can not only send links to interested friends which will save them 25%, but you will also be rewarded with £5 off your next package (or the soon to launch, The Retro Shop!)

To get started, simply log into your account here and click on the Refer A Friend link!

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Peter and The Retro team

Pokemon Blue cartridge on a table. Beside it a blue Game Boy Colour and blue Game Boy Advance.

The Perks of The Retro

Now we know our service is unique in that every box is hand-picked to your own preferences, but we also know some people can be sceptical! With that in mind, here are some perks and reasons why some of our customers truly love their Retro Subscriptions!


  • Enjoy your nostalgia With monthly treasures
  • Support small businesses stocked from all across the UK
  • Join our fantastic Retro Community & Facebook group
  • Discover hidden gems you wouldn’t pick up in your local store
  • The perfect lockdown treat


We hope this helps, and if in doubt, just show off some of your delightful deliveries!

Our Reviews

Some of our favourite recent reviews for The Retro

Retro is Tops

The team at Retro are all great, super, helpful and fixated on sorting out any issues. They were really quick to reset my choices so that now I’m getting the surprises I always hope for in the third week of the month. All that and Wham bars, too. What’s not to like?

Excellent Subscription Service!

I am very new to The Retro Store but so pleased with the service overall! Great Vinyl Subscription service, I love receiving mystery Vinyl each month. Worth every penny. Their Customer Service is fab too. Highly recommended1

So far Great!

I’ve had 5 boxes so far and each has included a really wide and interesting selection of music I didn’t think I’d be into but have loved! Most of the records are in great condition, one or two have had the odd issue but easily cleaned out and playing nicely now.
The service has been excellent. if there have been delays they’ve been very honest about it and never anything dramatic.
Overall really impressed.