Current Status

Wondering where your box is? We ship to a tight schedule but as ever, things don’t always go to plan. When that happens we’ll outline the situation here, and keep you all in the loop.

Delays to Subscription Boxes

Comics: All smooth sailing.

Cassettes: All smooth sailing.

Vinyl: We’re waiting on jazz, world and blues stock. If no stock shows up over the next 2 weeks we’ll reach out to customers with options.

Gaming: We’re waiting on Nintendo stock. If there’s no progress over the next 2 weeks we’ll ship orders with 4 games as an apology for the wait. All other orders have been sent.


If you’re still not sure where your box us, drop us a line here.


Typical Posting Schedule

Comics: The first Friday of the month. (approx 7th)

Cassettes: The second Friday of the month. (approx 14th)

Vinyl: The third Friday of the month. (approx 21st)

Gaming: The last Friday of the month. (approx 28th)