Shipping Updates

Shipping Updates

With backlogs, we’ll be updating you on any delays, so check back here if you’re concerned about your box.

UPDATE – 15/8 – Orders are arriving! Hi everyone, Peter here from The Retro 👋🏻 Chiming in with some awesome news. We’ve got a bunch of orders arriving, customers are happy, and we’re only just getting started! As we ramp up production more, we’re also introducing our new LP quality control, which will involve a quick visual inspection of the LP, as well as a lovely resealable cover, taking our items to the next level. We’re still not able to dedicate enough time yet to cleaning each LP, but we’ll get there!



UPDATE – 1/8 – Production is ongoing. Production is off to an amazing start, with over 300 orders being completed ahead of schedule. We’re now into the next phase of our operations, which involves buying necessary stock for customers after being categorised, and sending this within a timely manner. Over 900 records will be leaving RetroHQ this week alone!

Need a hand with your box? We’ve revamped our support page, and you can drop us a note at for any questions

UPDATE – 25/7 – Production has restarted. Fancy labels are afoot, it’s all mod cons, and our team are well into their training program. Whilst we’re on track, we’re pacing production to keep a high standard of accuracy and box whilst we’re in the beginning of our new operations.


UPDATE – 18/7 Big wheels keep on turning! Production has officially restarted. Our new packing pals Alex and Jack will be manning our new operations. Expect all mod-cons. Hand-written notes, free beer leaflets, all coming for ya baby!



UPDATE – 12/7 Mission success! We’ve amazingly counted, categorised, packed and shipped two pallets, our full stock count as of July! These will be arriving tomorrow at our new premises, ready for production to begin. Who’s excited!?


UPDATE – 7/7 A statement from our owner Peter regarding the move.



UPDATE – 4/7 We’re in discussions with National Pallets as how to best move fragile stock such as the vinyl LP’s. We have a full operational strategy now outlined and just needs actioned once stock has been moved


UPDATE – 1/7 We’ve counted and packed all of our stock, and have been revamping our back end systems to match up which subscribers need which items. This will allow us to buy the correct amount of stock needed to fulfil all orders going forward.


UPDATE – 20/6 Pallets and boxes have now arrived, and we’re counting and dividing all of our stock before shippment early next week. All orders for vinyl and gaming are being prioritised and will ship first. Thanks for your patience folks!


UPDATE – 11/6 Exciting news! We have secured a massive new premises, and will be moving all of our picking and packing in the coming weeks. We’ve already test run our Fathers Day and World Cup boxes, and couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be updating this space over time. What this will mean is this page will effectively become redundant and all orders will ship on time. Amazing!


UPDATE – 11/5 We are publishing our latest “worst case” delays in the wake of our partnership with a new distribution partner falling through. We are in talks with several other companies, and hope to aleviate all backlogs and have solid growth in the coming weeks. Please be aware of these delays before getting in touch. We’re working on it, thanks!