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Wondering where your box is? We ship to a tight schedule but as ever, things don’t always go to plan. When that happens we’ll outline the situation here, and keep you all in the loop (this saves 2 emails a day hitting your inbox!) 👇🏻

Current Status

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Previous Shipping Backlog Updates

Update for October – Supply Chain Paying Off

Hey everyone, Peter here from The Retro. My apologies for not updating this page sooner- it’s been a crazy few weeks that is now bearing the fruits of everyones labour here at Retro HQ.

All going well, over 900 LP’s and 1000 games will be arriving at our fulfilment base tomorrow. It’s sure to be a hectic one as we pick, pack and ship to our hearts content, but rest assured we’re hoping this will be the final push with our backlog.

If your order hasn’t been adjusted by October 19th, please get in touch for details.

Excited for the next steps!



Update for 19th of September. Buy Buy Buy.


Well, we did it! Kinda. We bought lot’s of stock, but not enough. After firing through all of the orders on our system (both backlogged and general orders placed in July and August) we have now completed every order we have been able to. Now? We buy more stock.

Over the last 2 weeks I have spent 80% of my time forming new relationships and forging new supply chains. Without giving away names or details just yet- I can say that our figure of 272 orders still needing fulfilled will be done so in the next couple of weeks should things go our way.


Look at our graph now! Once we get that green to the bottom, we’ll be back up and running with no bother at all. Woo!



Update for 14th of September. How we’re improving our customer services.

This week I asked Lio how we dealt with customers. As our new head of customer service, I’ve taken a step away to give Lio absolute independence and authority on matters. I’ve challenged him to get issues resolved within 24 hours on average. Here’s how he worked week 1.

I approached customer service throughout the week, with all of Monday and most of Tuesday to clear the backlog from while I was away recovering from my appendicitis. (Major props to Peter for covering this whilst I was away too!)
Wednesday and Thursday I dipped in to keep things afloat and respond to any older queries, and Friday attacked the rest so we lead into the weekend with zero on SupportBee, Facebook & Twitter. Boom!
In terms of the approach, much of it was done independently, with support from Peter for any things that needed executive decision making or choices. 

In time, we want customer service to be a self-serve task, where we are there just for refunds and issues with tracking orders. How can we improve our process? Let us know!


Update – 5th September – New Business Supply Starting


Hi everyone, Peter here 👋🏻 We had an absolutely huge August in terms of shipping. I know not everyone has gotten their boxes yet, and I wanted to explain why.

To bring customers up to speed, we have been shipping customers all of their backlogged boxes at once. Rather than doing loops round customers month on month, we are shipping each customer all of their boxes. So when someone asks us why we haven’t got to their July box yet, it’s usually because we’ve been sending customers who cancelled in June 18 items because they had been backlogged for sometime.

We’re now coming to the end of that process, and means that we’ll go back to shipping you 3 items a month, not 18 bi-annually, thank goodness for that!


Update – 29th August – Structuring our business to future proof ourselves.

Hi everyone, Peter here 👋🏻


It’s been a great week here at Retro HQ. In addition to shipping over 600 LPs and 200 games to our fulfilment team, we’ve been looking at how we can structure our business to avoid this from happening again.


We’ve been researching and beginning to implement a number of changes.

  • More accurately tracking and reporting which tastes and genres customers have, to inform what stock we buy and when.
  • Building relationships with other businesses and companies, to buy stock from them as well as individuals.
  • Working with our fulfilment team to lower the time taken to pack boxes. The more efficient they are, the more room for growth we have.
  • Simplifying the checkout process to allow slightly less in terms of customisation options (which we will be testing over time).
  • Looking at how we can work with partners to ship parcels more efficiently, as well as use large letter parcels versus small parcels. This will reduce the number of customers visiting their local depot!


I’m always on the lookout for advice, support and feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, drop me a line. My email is [email protected]





UPDATE – 22/8 – The end of backlog-gate is nigh! Hi everyone, Peter here again. We’ve been doing all of the numbers here at RetroHQ, and have some promising news. Firstly, orders are being shipped out on a consistent basis. Some orders are being marked as “Unable to Dispatch” and for these, that means our fulfilment team have looked at the order, but haven’t found ample stock in the warehouse. Either there’s a mistake, or we know whats on our priority to buy list, so if thats you, hold tight!

In terms of timeline, here’s where we are at the moment, and where we hope to be buy the end of the month. Sure, we had hoped to have all orders complete by the end of August, but due to the complex nature of our boxes, training took a significantly longer time than we anticipated.

In any case, here’s where we are with boxes and orders, so if you don’t believe we’re busy here at RetroHQ, we’ll let the graph do the talkin’!


UPDATE – 15/8 – Orders are arriving! Hi everyone, Peter here from The Retro 👋🏻 Chiming in with some awesome news. We’ve got a bunch of orders arriving, customers are happy, and we’re only just getting started! As we ramp up production more, we’re also introducing our new LP quality control, which will involve a quick visual inspection of the LP, as well as a lovely resealable cover, taking our items to the next level. We’re still not able to dedicate enough time yet to cleaning each LP, but we’ll get there!



UPDATE – 1/8 – Production is ongoing. Production is off to an amazing start, with over 300 orders being completed ahead of schedule. We’re now into the next phase of our operations, which involves buying necessary stock for customers after being categorised, and sending this within a timely manner. Over 900 records will be leaving RetroHQ this week alone!

Need a hand with your box? We’ve revamped our support page, and you can drop us a note at for any questions

UPDATE – 25/7 – Production has restarted. Fancy labels are afoot, it’s all mod cons, and our team are well into their training program. Whilst we’re on track, we’re pacing production to keep a high standard of accuracy and box whilst we’re in the beginning of our new operations.


UPDATE – 18/7 Big wheels keep on turning! Production has officially restarted. Our new packing pals Alex and Jack will be manning our new operations. Expect all mod-cons. Hand-written notes, free beer leaflets, all coming for ya baby!



UPDATE – 12/7 Mission success! We’ve amazingly counted, categorised, packed and shipped two pallets, our full stock count as of July! These will be arriving tomorrow at our new premises, ready for production to begin. Who’s excited!?


UPDATE – 7/7 A statement from our owner Peter regarding the move.



UPDATE – 4/7 We’re in discussions with National Pallets as how to best move fragile stock such as the vinyl LP’s. We have a full operational strategy now outlined and just needs actioned once stock has been moved


UPDATE – 1/7 We’ve counted and packed all of our stock, and have been revamping our back end systems to match up which subscribers need which items. This will allow us to buy the correct amount of stock needed to fulfil all orders going forward.


UPDATE – 20/6 Pallets and boxes have now arrived, and we’re counting and dividing all of our stock before shippment early next week. All orders for vinyl and gaming are being prioritised and will ship first. Thanks for your patience folks!


UPDATE – 11/6 Exciting news! We have secured a massive new premises, and will be moving all of our picking and packing in the coming weeks. We’ve already test run our Fathers Day and World Cup boxes, and couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be updating this space over time. What this will mean is this page will effectively become redundant and all orders will ship on time. Amazing!


UPDATE – 11/5 We are publishing our latest “worst case” delays in the wake of our partnership with a new distribution partner falling through. We are in talks with several other companies, and hope to aleviate all backlogs and have solid growth in the coming weeks. Please be aware of these delays before getting in touch. We’re working on it, thanks!