Cassette Gift Box


Get 5 Classic Cassettes delivered for that perfect unique gift. Whether you’re rewarding an employee, or help motivate someone, the Cassette Gift Box is a fantastic idea for any music fan.

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How It Works

Go for the Cassette Gift Box and we will handpick three classic full-length album tapes that we know your recipient will love, and have them sent out to you in a well-protected box. 🎁

What Albums Can I Expect?

We don’t send out brand new tapes. We spend our day’s hand picking original cassettes from the past, making sure they are in great condition through testing (our favourite bit, listening to the music) before we send them out.

Anything else I need to know?

Nope! Just remember that you can level up your gift with extra records, cassettes, games & sweets, all up to 50% off their standalone price! Check them out below or at the Checkout.