Personal Cassette Player

£45.95, then £20.95 / month

Introducing our all new care package from The Retro Store, to let you dive deep into cassettes. Get an awesome tape player, premium cleaning products for keeping your setup pristine, as well as your first box of tapes from The Retro Store.


This starter pack will set up a subscription for 3 hand picked tapes to be delivered each month, so make sure you let us know what music you like at the checkout!

Your subscription can be cancelled at any time (Great for gifts!)

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This awesome cassette starter pack, is the easiest and best way to get yourself involved in the world of tapes. When labels large and small are putting out music on one of our favourite formats, we realised just how difficult it was to find everything you need to start your collection, and thus the starter pack was born.

This Personal Cassette bundle includes a walkman inspired cassette tape player from our friends at Groov-E. With built in FM/AM radio if you’ve worn in your favourite album thin, this is an excellent way to feel just like Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Also included is a Care Kit from our friends at AM. The stylish kit from Denmark, includes both a cleaning cassette and non-abrasive fluid, which  removes dirt and grime from your cassettes. Remove distortion and the presence of high frequency tape hiss with the cassette cleaner. The non-abrasive formula and cleaning cassette safely and efficiently remove noise producing dirt, dust and oxide particles without damaging the audio heads and pinch rollers. It’s as easy as playing a tape!

Lastly included is your first month of records on us at The Retro Store. We’ll even give you Free Shipping for Life with your rolling monthly subscription, should you (and you should) choose to continue with it!

Tape Specs:

  • Cassette Player & Recorder
  • AM/FM Radio
  • One Touch Recording
  • Microphone
  • Built-in Speaker
  • 3.5mm Headphone Socket
  • Earphones Included

Cleaner Instructions:

  1. Soak the tape head cleaning pins in the cleaning solution.
  2. Insert into the cassette player and press play.
  3. The moistened tape passes the tape head, capstan and rollers during play mode to remove dust, dirt and any greasy build up.