Polaroid Q-Light Black Rainbow Stripe Flash Unit for Polaroid SX-70 OneStep & Pronto Instant Cameras


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Polaroid Q-Light Black Rainbow Stripe Flash Unit for Polaroid SX-70 Instant Film Land Camera

For use with vintage Polaroid SX-70 Box Type Cameras

ABOUT THE FLASH: This is the Genuine Polaroid flash unit designed to complement the iconic camera that inspired the popular Instagram App icon.

This is a highly collectible and usable flash unit for vintage Polaroid instant film cameras. For box type cameras that shoot original Polaroid SX-70 (aka Time-Zero) instant film and compatible Impossible Project PX 70 and PX 100 instant film. SX-70 is the original Polaroid integrated instant film format, and precursor to Polaroid 600 film, the most popular integrated instant film format of all time. The SX-70 and 600 film formats are identical in all regards accept for their light sensitivity. 600 format film can even be used in SX-70 cameras in combination with a neutral density (ND) filter.

This flash unit was originally released in the mid-1970’s, and is deigned to best complement the iconic OneStep black rainbow stripe camera. It will also work with other SX-70 box type cameras, including the following models:

Encore!, Instant 1000, Instant 1000 DeLuxe, Model 500, Model 1000, Model 1000 S, Model 1500, Model 2000, Model 3000, OneStep, OneStep Plus, Pronto! RF, Pronto! S, Pronto! SM, Pronto! Sonar OneStep, Pronto! B, Pronto! Extra, Pronto! Plus, Presto!, Sonar AutoFocus 5000, Super Clincher, Supercolor 1000, Supercolor 1000 DeLuxe, Supercolor AutoFocus, Supercolor AutoFocus 3500, The Button, TimeZero OneStep, TimeZero Pronto AF


COSMETIC CONDITION: This is a used flash in good to very good cosmetic condition for it’s age.

Keep in mind that this flash unit is nearly 40 years old, and will show signs of prior use. Common wear to the flash includes, but is not limited to, wear to the silver paint around the flash itself and scratches/swirl marks on the body of the flash unit.

FUNCTIONALITY: The flash has been inspected, cleaned, and tested for functionality.

Working vintage flash units like this one are VERY hard to find. I have personally tested dozens of these, and find that only about 1 out of 5 still works correctly. Too many have suffered from neglect over the years, with severe battery corrosion being the number one issue.

The flash was tested using 4 fresh AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED). I tested the flash both by pressing the test fire button on the unit itself and by attaching it to a OneStep camera. The flash charged and fired both on it’s own and the camera properly triggered the flash.


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