Vinyl LP Pizza Cutter


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Be a smash hit in the kitchen with the cheesy hits pizza cutter – the best way to ensure everyone gets a slice of the action when spinning out your favourite pizzas at dinner! a fun novelty gift, the cheesy hits pizza cutter is also a practical kitchen tool and the easiest way of slicing pizza at home. Designed like a classic vinyl record, the spinning record is the perfect pizza slicer, cutting straight, even lines through your pizza better and easier than a standard knife. The blade can also be covered with a protective case, ensuring it’s not exposed when being stored or not in use. A great gift for anyone who likes pizzas and retro cheesy hits, the cheesy hits record pizza cutter is the next big hit to add to your personal kitchen accessory collection! the cheesy hits pizza cutter is part of the noki gift range from Pala done. Noki aims to create humorous quirky gifts for everyday use at home. With a focus on being fun and functional, noki gifts are a great way to liven up the kitchen, making everyday accessories more enjoyable.