Winyl Pro Concentrated Record Cleaning Kit


Pro-Clean-6 is a highly concentrated solution from Winyl, which is used for cleaning dust and dirt off of vinyl records. The highly concentrated solution can create up to 6 litres of insanely high-quality cleaning solution for your records, making it an extremely good value for money solution for the vinyl enthusiast!

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Pro-Clean-6 is a highly concentrated solution, produced with three non-ionic surfactants Laboratory Grade. The exact and balanced quantity allows a residue-free cleaning. The fourth component is distilled water. It can create up to 6 litres of insanely high-quality cleaning solution for your records.

Pro-Clean-6 does not contain any brightener agents, solvents, colourants, fragrance or aggressive compounds.


Key Features

  • Works with Vinyl Records, Shellac (78 rpm), Lacquer (Acetates) and Styrene (45s).

  • The solution is Alcohol-Free, containing no aggressive chemicals, and no brighteners.

  • Removes a wide range of dirt, increasing bass response and improving soundstage clarity from LP playback.

  • For vacuum cleaning machines (RCM), Knosti type machines, manual washing & Ultrasounds cleaning.

  • It does not leave any residues into the groove and the stylus thanks to its high purity formula without unnecessary compounds.

  • Anti-static formula.

  • Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

  • You can clean hundreds of records very cost-effective.

  • Fluid formula, clear, colourless and odourless. Mixed with distilled water it does not get cloudy and particles do not separate.