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Know someone who you think would love The Retro Store?

Share them a referral link, they’ll save £6 on their first box, and you’ll get £10 cash.


It pays to be a good mate.

Tell A Pal

Be a good friend and get some money in the process. 💰

Know someone who you think would just love The Retro Store? Then Tell A Pal is just for you.

For every friend you recommend to the site who purchases a subscription box, you’ll save them £6 on their first box, but we’ll also reward you with £10 store credit or cash.* 

That’s right, we’ll give you a tenner for every person you tell about the site who ends up signing up. You can share via e-mail, or share your unique links on Facebook or Twitter!

How to Get Started

Sharing links couldn’t be easier. Just log in using the button below, and you can share links via e-mail, Facebook sharing, Twitter, or good old fashioned copy & paste.

* Cash is only available for existing subscribers.