Why The Retro Store?

Benefits of Shopping Small

Many people will shop at Amazon for most things, but we appreciate those who decide to support small business, and we reward those who do in a whole suite of ways that big companies haven’t even thought about. 

Create an account, and you will be given a whole bunch of additional perks, which we hope will help you love your time here in The Retro Store


  • 28 Day Returns & Exchanges
  • 12 Month Warranty Unless Stated Otherwise
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great for gifts


  • 28 Day Returns & Exchanges
  • 12 Month Warranty Unless Stated Otherwise
  • Priority Shipping
  • We Pay Shipping Costs For Any Returns or Exchanges
  • Order Tracking
  • 2017: Loyalty Points Scheme, All Orders Placed Now Tracked
  • 2017: Referral Scheme for Friends

People love us!

We’re a real company, and we’ve had real sales. We use a great service which let’s us gather genuine feedback from our customers right from their order confirmation receipt. Here’s a few of our favourites, including someone who wasn’t completely satisfied at first, but we did a great job to keep him happy.

The Retro Store was relatively unknown to me when I first stumbled onto their website, but I managed to grab what I was looking for at an absolute steal! Overall delighted! 

Sarah L.

Had a fantastic experience purchasing my record player at The Retro Store. Fast delivery, great customer service and an amazing product. Thanks very much!

Emma O.

Although my initial choice was not available, I was contacted very quickly and given a few alternative options to choose from. One of which was perfect. Order has already arrived, so I’m very satisfied.

Daniel F.

Most importantly, we have the right attitude

The Retro Store was created by two teenagers looking to bring a mix of new and old to the market. Now, we work as hard as we can to help every customer leave our site happy. It’s this attitude and culture that we will continue to breed as we grow, and therefore thrive.

We thank all of you for shopping with us over Amazon or the likes. We appreciate it, so much.

-The Retro Crew