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Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeves - Rice Paper Finish - SpinCare


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Product Details

It’s here! They’re finally here! After years of countless requests, tweaking, adjusting and improving, we are so proud to present the recipe that makes our subscription box records look so damn good. From our friends at SpinCare, we are proud to stock their anti-static inner sleeves with rice paper finish.


Why do I need these?

In this age, we see so many albums where time has not been kind. Tattered sleeves, missing inners and scratched records. As hunters of musical gems, our top priority is to retain as much quality of albums when they get into our hands. Inner sleeves are the most common to find missing or in horrible condition- so we love to house these inside the album cover, and keep the records in separate, anti-static record sleeves.

In addition to preserving the inner sleeves, these also protect the record, as well as upgrading the listening process. What do I mean? Paper sleeves can decompose over time, leaving debris on your record. Your stylus won’t be happy with this. In addition to this, paper and cardboard sleeves (cardboard particularly) can be very “rough” and can leave hairline scratches on your records just upon removing them from the sleeves. Plus, paper sleeves are not anti-static. Charged records attract dirt, which needs to be cleaned prior to playback.

With these rice paper sleeves, you upgrade the experience with non-charged vinyl and an easy slip out with an outer sleeve. You protect your record from damage, and you also protect your original inner sleeves. What’s not to love?


Recommended Usage

With Outer Sleeves

We send out all of our albums to customers (unless sealed) complete with ultra clear outer album sleeves. They provide a beautiful clear upgrade to your album, and house your record protecting it from the elements.

With the outer sleeves, we will have the outer sleeve opening facing upwards. This prevents the record/inner goodies from falling out when in storage.being moved We will then have these inner sleeves holding the LP behind the album cover, with the opening again facing upwards. As long as your record storage has protection from above (eg KALLAX from IKEA) we believe this is the optimal way to store, and more importantly listen to your records, making listening a genuine breeze and a quality of life upgrade to any frequent record listener.

Without Outer Sleeves

If this is your first foray into upgrading your records or are not a fan of outer sleeves, these rice paper sleeves can still be used for an anti-static damage free listening experience. Simply replace the inner sleeve with this inner, and place both sleeves inside the album as usual.


Party Pack

If you are looking for a Party Pack mix containing a cocktail of both inner and outer sleeves to truly upgrade your experience, click here!

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