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I'm Peter 👋🏻

Thanks for stumbling across my humble little business, where we hand-curate stacks of music on the best format out there (sorry CD fans!)

I’ve been collecting records since I was about 14 when they were just coming back into the fold of “cool”, but where I could roll up to a car boot sale with my Dad with a crisp £10 note and have change alongside a bag full of Pink Floyd and The Doors.

The Retro began as a university side-project- and I’m thankful that a fair few years later, whilst the business model has shifted; I’m living a dream as a digital shopkeeper helping amazing music find new homes. 

new music

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Growing up, I always found the record store daunting. Somewhat terrified of being outed as someone who liked the wrong type of music or not knowledgeable enough to be using a turntable- I tended to stay away from what I since discovered to be some of the warmest and friendly hubs I’ve experienced.


I’m thankful for these experiences, but as a listener and collector, I don’t necessarily have the budget, time or confidence to strike up a conversation every week to discover some new music. It was in this idea that The Retro was born.

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newbies and veterans alike

If the photo of a Crosley turns up your nose, don’t worry- this is a place for you. But if you look at the photo of the record player opposite and say “hey, that looks cool!” then this is also a place for you (we might point you in the direction of something that sounds a bit better if you have some budget though!)

We’ve had customers with us for years and seen many transition from newbies to nerds. Our main goal, through our products and services is to guide and educate you in the world of great music on vinyl.

So whether you’re a newbie looking for a copy of Rumours and Heroes, or a veteran looking for limited edition new releases and first pressings of vintage classics, we’ve got you all covered, at a pace that works for you.

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