Upgrade Your
Record Collection

It’s the vinyl secret sauce that takes a records look to the next level whilst adding an essential layer of protection. After years of tweaking, we’re proud to present this record collection upgrade kit. 

The Big Mac Secret Sauce for Your Record Collection

Here’s how you can take your records to the next level, with
the professional sleek fit and an essential layer of protection required.


Crystal Clear Sleeves

Two sizes to fit every album no matter the size, with no seal for ease of use- these Blake Sleeves are made with crystal clear recyclable material that makes your albums look fantastic and feel premium.


Stunning Anti-Static Inners

Made with rice paper, these ‘MoFi Style’ inner sleeves protects the album sleeves and provides a smooth anti-static experience that makes listening so much better.

Have you ever picked up an old record in a yellow, thick and heavy sleeve? We hate them. Blake Sleeves are made of OPP and are made for a beautiful tight fit.

No seal?

We found over time- and experience, that actually using seal sleeves reduced the long-term usability of the sleeves (and our customers agreed) No seal reduces accidental sticking and speeds up grabbing the record out of your inner sleeve.

Which size do I need?

Regular Sleeves fit 90% of the records we send out from the 50s to the 80s. Some of your old gatefolds might just fit in here, but we would recommend a size up.

Gatefold Sleeves come in a smidge bigger. We recommend these for big 2nd hand doublers and most new releases on thicker card.

I get the outer sleeves, but why inner?

We see so many albums where time has not been kind. Tattered sleeves, missing inners and scratched records. We want to retain as much quality of albums. Inner sleeves are the most common to find missing- so we love to house these inside the album cover, and keep the records in separate, anti-static record sleeves.

Sleeves also protect the record, paper sleeves can decompose over time, leaving debris on your record. Cardboard sleeves can be very “rough” and can leave hairline scratches on your records. Plus, charged records attract dirt, which needs to be cleaned prior to playback.

With inner sleeves, you upgrade the experience with non-charged vinyl and an easy slip out with an outer sleeve. You protect your record from damage, and you also protect your original inner sleeves. What’s not to love?

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