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Clean Sound Since 1971

Back in the summer of 1971, Danish teenager, Anders Moesgaard, was assessing the damage to his vinyl collection after one of his older brother’s parties. Unable to find a product that could get the records clean, he transformed his parent’s garage into a lab and started to experiment.


The product he developed became AM’s first record cleaner and marks the beginning of close to a half-century of unwavering commitment to clean sound.


In 2022, we are proud to present and stock the latest in AM Clean Sound’s selection, allowing you to maintain your records and equipment in style.

Maximum Protection, Efficient Design

“I was very focused on producing something that looked polished, so I told my designer that the products had to look so good that they could sit next to Bang & Olufsen or Braun, who at the time were the number one selling audio designers in Denmark. Whatever I did I wanted to match the best products available.”

Stylus Cleaner, £9.99

The Stylus Cleaner combines a residue free fluid and unique cleaning brush with controlled penetration bristles, attached to the lid, to keep your stylus professionally cleaned.

Since your stylus essentially cleaning out the grooves of your record as it plays, there’s a tendency for the stylus to gather dust and small particles. The original non-abrasive deep cleaning solution is specially formulated to eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up from your pick-up.

Antistatic Record Brush, £9.99

A staple for any 2nd hand vinyl listener, you need an anti-static, ultra fine carbon fibre brush. Effectively lifts dust, grit and particles to reduce friction without damaging your records.

By draining the static charge from your records and lifting any residual dust and grime, leaving your records clean while prolonging the life of vinyl and stylus.

Non-Abrasive Record Cleaner, £9.99

Using nearly no alcohol, the AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner is the safest and most effective way to freshen up your treasured vinyl record collection. The original non-abrasive deep cleaning solution is specially formulated to eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl.

Simply applied with the included lint free cotton cloth, it absorbs oil and grime without leaving a residue.

Pack of 20 Gear Wipes, £3

Keeping your gear new and vintage in great condition is super important for your hi-fi and music listening experience, and in the world we’re now living in, hygiene is important too, which is why we are delighted to be stocking these safe for use on electrical equipment gear wipes from AM Clean Sound.

Pre-moistened cleaning wipes that are durable safe and gentle for use on electrical equipment and screens The non-abrasive formula efficiently lifts the dirt dust and grime from your gear without leaving any residue.

Stylus Brush Cleaner, £9.99

Eliminate dust, dirt and static build-up from your record player’s stylus with the Pickup brush. The conductivity of the brush’s carbon fibre bristles helps to drain static charge from the stylus and lift any residual dust and grime.


Maintain your stylus, improve audio fidelity and lengthen the life of your records.

Buy a Bundle & Save, £21.99

Essential cleaning, stabilising and anti-static treatment for your vinyl records and stylus. The specially formulated non-abrasive Record cleaner and anti-static Vinyl brush safely and efficiently eliminate grime, dirt and static build-up from your vinyl collection. The Stylus cleaner lifts dust, grit and particles worn from the stylus tip.

Contains 45ml Record cleaner fluid, Vinyl brush, Stylus cleaner and lint free cotton cloth.

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