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Music & Hi-Fi Gear Wipes, Pack of 20 from AM Clean Sound


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Product Details

Keeping your gear new and vintage in great condition is super important for your hi-fi and music listening experience, and in the world we’re now living in, hygiene is important too, which is why we are delighted to be stocking these safe for use on electrical equipment gear wipes from AM Clean Sound.


Safe & Efficient

Pre-moistened cleaning wipes that are durable safe and gentle for use on electrical equipment and screens The non-abrasive formula efficiently lifts the dirt dust and grime from your gear without leaving any residue.



Highly absorbent multi-purpose microfibre tissue cleaning wipes that are anti-static to prevent equipment damage The ideal cleaning solution for your headphones, turntable, pre-amp and speakers.



The resealable pack ensures the wipes stay fresh when not being used making them suitable for any use situation. Designed to conveniently fit in your pocket or bag for use on the go or use at home to quickly and effectively clean your electrical equipment


Simple to Use

Grab a gear wipe from the resealable pack to clean gear and gadgets in any situation Unfold the wipe and gently clean with circular movements until the surface is clean and dry


A Trusted Brand

AM Clean Sound have been leading the analogue music cleaning market for over 45 years having formulated the original non-abrasive deep cleaning vinyl record cleaning solution Fast forward to today and the brand now have a range of safe and effective cleaning care solutions


Why does clean sound matter?

So, let’s say you’re the poster boy/girl of this nascent backlash that’s turning a deaf ear on MP3 for tried and trusted black plastic magic. Your entire collection is colour coded, alphabetised and stored vertically in plastic sleeves in pristine covers, in a cool, dry place.

Your vinyl are immortal.

Well, actually no…

For many a record owner, hearing is believing. Enter the esoteric world of vinyl and even tone arms, cartridges and slipmats possess a character and personality of their own. But what gives vinyl that organic, warm, analogue aesthetic, that crackle and hiss as the needle glides across the record, is more often than not, good old-fashioned dirt.

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